The inspiring Lind family

The Lind Family

On the Sunday of Mothers Day Weekend 2003, the tummy pain that Fleur’s son Joshua had had intermittently over several months, came to a head. After 10 days of testing and treatment in the Christchurch CHOC ward, Joshua was devastatingly diagnosed with Fibrolamellor Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a very rare and aggressive cancer of the liver, and the family were flown to Auckland for surgery. Here Joshua had an “Everest’ of a procedure – he was prepared for surgery at 7am, and was in recovery at 4pm. There was nothing straight forward about the surgery, 2/3’s of Joshua’s liver was removed and brand new ‘plumbing’ was installed.

The family was directed straight to RMHA while they came to terms with the enormity of Joshua’s situation. “They know exactly where you need to be for support”. RMHA is a couple of minutes walk from Starship Hospital. “We don’t know what we would have done without Ronald McDonald House. “ Without an income while they were in Auckland, and with their 11 year old daughter, a hotel would have been a huge strain financially.

The Lind family found the staff, volunteers and other families to be incredibly supportive and a source of strength through this very challenging time. “The people are absolutely amazing. It was a very traumatic time, but they were so caring and understanding. I was a complete mess when it was time to leave the House and go home (for missing them). They had been so welcoming. We were at RMHA for 10 days and in that time we met other families and created friendships. What’s more, Kevin had his birthday while we were there, and it was on the night that a group of volunteers came in to cook the families a big meal - It was fantastic, they made him a birthday cake as well.”

Joshua is now a thriving young man, has qualified as a Barista and is enjoying his work in a busy café. After 9 years of being under the watchful eye of the Paediatric Oncology team, he has recently been discharged.

Thanks to RMHA they were able to face Joshua’s most difficult times together and strong. “We would have been high and dry with out them.”


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