“It was just amazing for us because we didn’t have to think –the Family Room allowed us to concentrate on our son and that was it.”
“It was just amazing for us because we didn’t have to think –the Family Room allowed us to concentrate on our son and that was it.”

The Young Family

The Young’s find invaluable breathing space in the Family Room

In the early hours of one morning Peter and Rochelle discovered their son Dylan to be critically ill. Dylan was rushed to Starship Hospital where doctors discovered he had a diaphragmatic hernia which had suddenly burst.

Rochelle says this time was a blur of stress and confusion. “It all happened so fast. I didn’t have time to think – I just sort of shut down”.

Peter and Rochelle were given accommodation at Ronald McDonald Family Room located inside Starship so they were never more than a minute from Dylan.  

They were extremely grateful for the level of instant support and compassion shown by staff arriving at the Family Room.

“The staff was amazing. It was like we got wrapped up in a big ball of cotton wool and helped through all the steps”. They were given their own room to stay in whilst Dylan was in surgery. Here they had a chance to rest and process the situation.

“The Family Room provided a place where we could take a deep breath and talk about the important decisions we had to make, without having to be in a confined hospital waiting room”

They stayed here for five days whilst Dylan recovered, and were able to take shifts and spend equal time with their son. Being surrounded by other families in similar situations was a big help to the Young’s also. “I found the communal living helped me take my mind off what I personally was going through… you just meet these amazing people and it helps you find an inner strength”.

The Family Room provided the Young’s with critical support through this demanding time. “It’s really hard.
One moment you’ve got this beautiful little baby and then next thing, they’re telling you that they’re not sure
your baby is going to make it – it’s really stressful. The Family Room provides a critical service. I have no
real words to describe it. When you need them, they’re there”, says Rochelle. Dylan recently got the all-clear
from his doctors and, despite a weakened immune system, is a healthy, thriving toddler. 

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